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Jai Jagat


 In the 20th Century a frail man named Vinoba Narahar Bhave walked about Seventy thousand kilometers for fourteen years in India and received around forty-two lakh acres (Seventeen lakh hectares) of land in donation for landless farmers. It was a miracle of compassion and love in the history of mankind. Vinoba gave a new dictum to the world.


Science + Spirituality = Sarvodaya (Welfare of all)

Vinoba declared that the days of Religion are over. World will be a family and all narrow boundaries of nationhood, caste, creed will dissolve and people will live in peace with each other. Vinoba's vision is that the days of Politics will be over. With love for one another,  people will share all other God’s resources like air.

"The age of idol worship is over. Now we are in the era when service to our fellow humans should be considered as service to God. Today's place of pilgrimage is the one that functions as per this maxim. People are today's God and their collective group is our sacred temple".





Kusumtai Deshpande passed away on 17th Nov.2015.

She was close associate of Acharya Vinoba Bhave and member of BramhaVidya Madir (Pavnar). She walked with him during Bhoodan March.



A "Santopdesh" in Marathi language is uploaded for free online reading in Marathi book section.

Acharya Shree Vinoba's guidance for a spiritual aspirant in his handwriting.

Vinoba's handwriting


Truth, Love, Compassion 

Vinoba's Good Wishes to the World



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